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Tracy Courtney

Third Language Communication

This is an extension of the previous “Third Language” article. Can the Third Language be more present & available than we were previously led to believe? Is it possible that we have all been connected to it all along but just didn’t realize it? As mentioned in previous articles, we’re not learning something new here, we’re relearning something that has been here all along, but has been forgotten. Is it possible that it has been covered up & obscured by personal beliefs & agendas, some through erroneous understanding & some for personal gain? These are some of the questions we need to begin to explore if we want to begin to tap into many more things that have always been available to all of us, but we have chosen to ignore.

How do we choose to ignore these greater truths? By choosing to think we “know” the answers & by choosing to have personal opinions about everything. Everywhere we look, we see people expressing personal opinions about every subject, especially on social media. There was an interesting post recently that captured the common state of conduct in which there was a picture of a branch & the caption read, people will argue over anything, so here’s a picture of a stick. This post perfectly captured the true essence of current affairs in the world today.

What is an opinion? It is a statement made, based on a personal belief system. Personal belief systems carry personal biases about what’s right or wrong, good or bad. Opinions are judgemental expressions of personal feelings & are triggers for so much unnecessary conflict within ourselves & others. What value do these opinions have in the greater scheme of things? Absolutely nothing. They are only an expression to manipulate & coerce others to join & support the ideas that we feel are more important than how others feel about their environment or selves. They carry a feeling of superiority over others & a negative undertone into everything we come into contact with. If the Third Language does exist beyond the realm of sight & intellect, is it possible that these personal opinions create a barrier to connection with it & beginning to understand it? If the Third Language is a neutral & balanced state, then by contrast, personal opinions & beliefs are a non-neutral & unbalanced state. Thinking we know the answers doesn’t leave any room for understanding something new.

Dissecting Parameters – Allow me to preface by saying what happens during this process has not been learned from any book, video or other human. When I thought I had reached the pinnacle of learning with horses & had nowhere else to go intellectually, this is what allowed me to open the necessary space for them to begin to teach me what is being presented now, the language of nature. This process changes our interactions & understanding of everything in the world around us & how everything around us interacts with us, not just horses or dogs. Even other humans will begin to treat us differently, if we’re willing to commit to changing our own thought habits.

As with any new subject, it’s impossible to learn Algebra in kindergarten, therefore Parameters is your introduction & you have full control over the choices you make moving forward. For many, the comfort & security provided by our old habitual ways of thinking & reacting in the world will be allowed to take precedence over continuing this new way of being present in the world, but for those few who dedicate themselves to overcoming the discomfort associated with change, there are no limits to the exciting new doors that will open for you.

As mentioned in the previous article, “the third language is not an intellectual or vocally based perception, it’s an experiential, feeling & “dynamic guidance system”, where one organism doesn’t dictate or control another. It is the answer to long held questions about how groups of birds, horses & dolphins can move in perfect unison together. The third language doesn’t align with the human traits of personal bias, criticism, judgement, comparison, anger, punishment, blame, worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. It doesn’t hold divisional beliefs of nationality, race or culture. It doesn't care about labels like religious or athiest, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t care about good or bad, right or wrong.” Many choose to paste labels onto every subject, however the Third Language transcends these labels & is simply the natural language of nature, of which we are also apart, although we have made great effort to separate ourselves from nature in many ways.

How exactly does Parameters begin to introduce you to the Third Language? It begins with balance which starts with neutrality. All organisms are seeking balance even if they are not consciously aware of it. Balance is contagious & anything out of balance will naturally gravitate toward balance. Hence the term “magnetic connection”. Parameters begins through a discussion about the normally unbalanced thought processes. An analogy is given about how our pet’s mind & our own mind has been in fifth gear for a very long time. We substantiate this discussion through an exercise which proves beyond a doubt, that our normal thought processes cause our awareness to be narrow & limited. Everyone who has experienced this exercise has been shocked at just how limited our normal perception of the world has been & how they were completely unaware of this possibility until it was personally experienced.

To create a greater understanding & impact of the extreme changes that will take place with our pet in a short period of time & some foreshadowing of what’s to come for those who continue with the process, we will move into a discussion about our pet’s current behaviour. We will take note of all the unwanted behaviour currently being displayed & create a rating through the introduction of an emotional scale. We will take some time to discuss physical indicators of emotion & beginning to listen & understand what our pet is telling us, through the five initial indicators of unbalanced emotions.

We will discuss how thoughts & emotions are intertwined, inseparable & how in order to affect changes in the body, we must first bring the mind into neural before being able to shift it into reverse. We will discuss how we are about to eliminate all current behaviour quickly & simply by shifting the responsibility of our pet’s behaviour from us to our pet. It will now be our pet’s responsibility to act appropriately, not ours. We will discuss how to begin using our lead as guidance instead of control, why addressing behaviour directly & individually isn’t necessary, why gadgets are unnecessary & how all current behaviour will disappear without ever asking our pet to do anything, through the power of silence.

Choosing the most unbalanced dog or horse in the group, I will then begin to demonstrate how to bring our pet’s mind into neutral. The reason I choose to demonstrate initially is to allow the human’s mind to quiet sufficiently to be able to observe & recognize the dramatic changes taking place. There would be too many understandings missed, if our mind’s were occupied with additional thought processes. Parameters is about beginning to shift yours & your pet’s mind into neutral, so a non-active observation is necessary in the beginning for the human. This is the equivalent of meditation with our eyes open. Closing our eyes & making effort to quiet our mind is not necessary when there is already a source of balanced neutrality nearby. Having another person &/or animal who has completed the process, will naturally cause our unbalanced mental, emotional & physical processes to focus on seeking a connection to the balance. This is why everyone exclaims that they feel so much calmer & relaxed at the end of Parameters. We will also naturally mimic what we observe, therefore watching the interaction with the pet, will help eliminate unnecessary confusion during your own learning curve.

Unknown to everyone participating in Parameters is that when an animal reaches this neutral state, they act like an antenna, essentially sending out waves of neutrality to their immediate environment. As mentioned previously, a balanced state acts like a magnet to unbalanced states. With the combination of two sources of balanced & neutral states, this amplifies the waves of balance being emitted. As additional foreshadowing, what is being witnessed is a later taught technique of walking meditation, where we learn to carry that balance into everything we do. Although this isn’t a spiritual practice, the word meditation is being used to facilitate understanding of the new ideas being conveyed.

We will finish Parameters with another exercise that offers a glimpse into the normal existence of the animal world & of nature itself. They are not separate. What is experienced during this glimpse is only the tip of the iceberg & is our end goal, where the effort is needed if we want to become a permanent participant in the Third Language, the language of nature. This exercise will substantiate how our normal visual interactions with the world affect everything we do & limit our ability to connect with the Third Language & everything else around us.

This is a process, not a timed event, there is no racing to the finish line. We are learning to move out of time, intellectual agendas & comparisons. This is a personal experiential process between you & your own pet & allowing the thoughts, opinions or gained intellectual knowledge to interfere with this new frontier will only create unnecessary frustration & habitual tendencies to want to quit. Don’t expect to complete Parameters & move onto the next section too quickly. This is the foundation of this new process & if it isn’t solid, it will antagonize the thought processes & later topple, without this solid foundation. After your introduction to Parameters, it’s important to continue on with higher levels of understanding within Parameters. There is much more to learn. As you are allowing the process of becoming the student, so your pet can become your new teacher, habitual tendencies to rush forward will subside as you begin to listen & allow your pet to set the pace of the learning curve.

This is not a woo-woo or spiritual experience, so don’t be tempted to habitually apply labels of beliefs or opinions. Although you will have new experiences, they are not magical, mythical or negative. Just because it’s new to you, doesn’t make it scary or bad. It has been packaged & sold for centuries as a limited resource by some who may not have fully understood it or chose to profit from it. It has often been mentioned & taught through limited explanations with an air of mystery, but this has been due in large part to the challenges created by negative belief systems & opinions that are not in short supply to challenge it. It’s simply a forgotten part of our normal existence that’s always been available to everyone who chooses to ignore the hype & reconnect with it. With the help of your pet, my role is only guidance to help you first connect with your pet & then work together to explore the unlimited doors that will open to you, at your pace & comfort level. My goal is not to create a reliance on me for learning, but to shift that reliance onto your pet, so your pet can become the only teacher you’ll ever need. Shifting your beliefs in who & how you learn has been very difficult for many & there is a strong reluctance to let go of human sources. With continued practice, you will succeed if you choose not to give up & quit. There is always a choice.