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Tracy Courtney

The Third Language

 For those who haven’t yet recognized the opportunities of experiencing the third language or have had definite glimpses or flashes of something more, I will attempt to dissect it somewhat, in order to offer a deeper understanding of what’s available to everyone who is willing to do the work for themselves. There are many who have had occasional deeper glimpses of simply knowing what their pets want, without being able to explain how. Some have received images or words to indicate what’s happening. Some have just known where to go or what to do in particular situations, without having to stop & think about it, & have chalked it up to coincidence, luck the universe or any number of other labels created to try to describe our seemingly not-normal experiences. These & many other occurrences have been a momentary connection or glimpse into what I have termed the Third Language. It moves beyond the verbal & physical languages.

The concepts set forth are often met with personal bias & criticism, but this is the normal human habitual conditioning, as has been brought to attention through all of the previous articles & videos, which are always available on this website. Many will habitually label this as lacking in scientific merit, hocus pocus, ludicrous & retaliate with “if I can’t see or touch it, then it doesn’t exist”. For those who choose to close their mind to this opportunity, let me ask if you believe in gravity? Can you describe it to me? Can you smell it? Can you tell me what it feels like? Does it have a color or a shape? We have previously brought to attention that humans are completely disconnected from their own body language & oblivious to how words can affect & create triggers in themselves & others, so can this really just be something else we are currently oblivious to?

The third language is not an intellectual or vocally based perception, it’s an experiential, feeling & dynamic guidance system, where one organism doesn’t dictate or control another. It is the answer to long held questions about how groups of birds, horses & dolphins can move in perfect unison together. It’s the answer to why they can move at fast-speeds, twist & turn, always remaining in perfect harmony. It is a deeper connection with each other that is essentially the opposite of how humans have learned to co-exist. This is why it’s so seemingly elusive or non-existent, but it has always been here waiting for us to notice & reconnect. Native Americans & other cultures have always maintained awareness & harmony with it, but many humans have lost contact, not only with it, but with the memory of its existence. It is a choice.

The third language doesn’t align with the human traits of personal bias, criticism, judgement, comparison, anger, punishment, blame, worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. It is a neutral balance state of being without the highs & lows of the normal human existence. It doesn’t hold divisional beliefs of nationality, race or culture. It doesn't care about religious or non-religious, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. It doesn’t care about good or bad, right or wrong. It exists, without effort, on being fully present in each moment & accepting each moment as it comes through mutual communication & balance. The mind, when not in a state of true neutrality, only serves to dissect, compare & separate everything around us in an attempt to identify, understand & be able to explain things to others. We don’t see this type of behaviour in groups of animals, who exist naturally within the third language.

By true neutrality, I’m pointing to a quiet mind that’s willing to leave all of these conditioned thought habits behind. I’m not referring to a still mind that’s achieved through effort & ritual, such as meditation or yoga because there is a difference. A still mind is achieved through effort, while a quiet mind requires no effort. If a still mind was able to achieve all of the beneficial effects that are claimed, the third language would have been rediscovered in the western world & widely practiced long before now. These human conceptual, intellectual, ritualistic practices serve only to create stress, anxiety & an escape route from reality in the long term if they are held firm in a belief system. They can bring us to the door, but they will never be able to open that door unless we are willing to let go & open space for something more.

Make no mistake, that even animals can fall out of connection with the third language occasionally, but once the connection has been recognized & achieved, the third language will actively seek to reconnect again, where previously it was waiting patiently for us to notice. This is also why you will repeatedly hear me refer to what I call the “magnetic connection” during discussions. Whether we are working with horses or dogs, Parameters is where the connection to the third language begins. All animals are keenly aware of when we know about the connection & when we don’t, when we are connected & when we’re not. This is why we feel so calm & relaxed when we spend time with our horses & dogs, like our troubles just melt away. It's their attempt to show us there is so much more waiting for us & we have a choice to be able feel like this all the time if we want to, no matter where we are or what we're doing.

Through past articles, I have pointed to how the intellectual mind is unwilling to let go & must always find something to grasp & hold onto for comfort & security, something of familiarity. This was referred to as falling off the cliff & into the void in a previous article. Humans are afraid of the unknown & relinquishing control & will habitually cling to the cliff of what we know for fear of falling into the void of the mind of what we don’t know. The third language is not only found in the void & this is why it is so difficult for people to let go. The answers can’t come from anywhere or anyone else. We must make the choice to face our own individual conditioning & be willing to explore new possibilities, essentially by floating in the void. We are the ones who need repeated practice to overcome our tendencies, not our horses & dogs, who are always patiently waiting to show us what we’re missing.

The horses & dogs teach the process of understanding & aligning with the third language & help me to act as your initial interpreter & guide until you decide to allow them to take over the teaching role. This is why I repeatedly state that I don't come with a plan & it's not necessary for me to know your particular circumstances, much to the confusion of most. We show you how to be in the moment with what's happening now (where the third language resides) & that's why cookie-cutter repetition is not only useless, narcissistic & a learned helplessness tool, but it can never open the door to the third language. The third language is not only the language of horses & dogs, it is the language of nature & as such there are limitless opportunities to understand much more, if you choose to continue exploring. Horses are the healers of the animal world, & they have all the patience in the world to be able to help humans move beyond their misguided perceptions, their dogmatic beliefs, their tantrums, their volcanic emotional eruptions & are always willing to forgive & offer unconditional love. The more we're genuinely willing to let go & accept what is offered, the easier & deeper the glimpses will begin to be revealed.

We have a tremendous amount of new information to relearn from horses & dogs, which is possible through the third language if we’re willing to listen instead of dictate, willing to allow instead of control & micromanage. We generally don’t spend enough time observing & trying to understand nature but because we choose to spend so much time & focus with our horses, this offers a tremendous opportunity to begin the process, if we make the choice to listen to our horses & genuinely practice what they’ve been trying to teach us all along. Can you imaging moving in perfect harmony with your horse like a flock of flying birds without endlessly practicing & coordinating with your horse? What if it could just happen naturally by building on the connection & not by making your horse do things for you? What if the third language could eventually answer all of the questions you've ever had about horses & dogs through a new simplicity of understanding & making the belief in the need to accumulate endless amounts of data obsolete? Only you can choose whether or not to reverse this path you’re currently on, or dismiss it. My purpose isn't to try to convince anyone of anything. I'm only here to assist those seekers, with a genuine desire to open this new, forgotten door. There's always a choice.