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Tracy Courtney

The Landmind Field

Although science has proven we all have a field that surrounds us at all times, we don’t need science or anyone else to tell us that it’s there. We all have experiences of feeling everything around us through this field. All of our thoughts & emotions are felt in the field that surrounds our body. Our field is small due to our contracted & limited awareness in comparison to animals. The expanding awareness exercise not only expands this field but with practice, gives us a quantifiable experience of just how far we can choose to expand it & all the new experiences that go along with it. These aren’t mystical or esoteric experiences, they’re normal & available for everyone who chooses to recognize their current limitations & makes the required effort to move beyond them.

We have all had experiences of being in close proximity to another individual & feeling certain ways without explanation. When being in close proximity to one person, we may feel immediately at ease & comfortable, while with another individual we may feel immediately uneasy, suspicious or feel a need to get away from this person as quickly as possible. We’re often unsure why we feel what we do around others but this is only because it’s not something taught in the mainstream. We tend to label these experiences as esoteric because these circles are notably the only ones who bring some type explanation forward for us to consider. We are conditioned to believe that these types of experiences are only available to a few select or lucky individuals, however they are available to every single one of us & those who are willing to move beyond the stigmas & lore surrounding these things, are in for some exciting surprises, if they can also move beyond the conditioned fear associations.

The mind & emotions reflect in everything we do, from our physical gestures, the words we choose to use, the types of items we choose to buy, the particular animals we choose to adopt or assist & even the colours we choose to wear. Is it possible that the mind & emotions also reflect in this visually invisible field that surrounds us as well? Is it this field that we sense & can’t quite put a finger on, as to the cause of these feelings in regard to others?

There is something to be said for the common phrase of “birds of a feather stick together”. Not only are we attracted to & feel comfortable with like-minded individuals, but at a much deeper level, we are also attracted or repelled by what’s carried in the field surrounding all individuals. These more subtle interactions take place at a subconscious level but are equally responsible for how we feel about others & how we choose to respond & interact with them.

Is it possible that this field & its contents affect our pets & other animals in the same way? Since animals are not prone to excessive mind chatter & intellectual dissection, this allows them to have a deeper sense, connection & understanding of not only what they’re feeling but what we’re feeling & thinking as well. We are all familiar with how our pets react to some individuals & some humans choose to judge or trust other humans based on the behaviour of their pets.

How many times have we said or heard someone say that their pet showed a genuine dislike for another human & we therefore concluded that this person must be bad or untrustworthy? Could it be possible that they’re not untrustworthy, but carry deeply negative emotionally charged landmines that they’re unaware of, that stems from the habitual judgements, comparisons, blame, guilt & feelings of victimization that so many play over & over in their incessant mind chatter? That maybe it’s not really due to negative or evil spirits or other outside energies, but our own self-generated energetic output?

As has been conveyed through the articles, the unbalanced thoughts & emotions we carry does directly effect & reflect in our personal field. Even when we’re feeling heavy negative emotions or thoughts about someone else, at a much more subtle level, these things can be felt by everything around us through their own personal field. Even if we have learned to hide our unbalanced emotions behind a smile that can fool other humans, we cannot fool our pets or the rest of nature.

For our pets, who are much more aware & in touch with these more subtle aspects of life, this can feel like a field of landmines. They are nervous & display avoidance behaviour not only because of the reflection they see in our body language at a distance, but they want to avoid close proximity to the landmines in our field, that they know can explode unexpectedly & without apparent cause from their perspective.

How many of us have begun a training session in good spirits & become frustrated, impatient, explosive & angry? These are the landmines that were always present, that our pet could easily see & feel, but we are completely unaware of. We like to think these land mines aren’t there to begin with & something has caused these thoughts & emotions to manifest spontaneously out of thin air, but we don’t realize that these latent mines are always there, where they can be felt by others. We just weren’t aware of them until they surfaced.

The field is neutral in its natural state. We can visualize it as a misty fog that surrounds us. In our normal habitual human state of living in our heads, this fog would appear very thick & dense, as we’ve all seen in nature. We wouldn’t be able to see or navigate through this fog. Adding our habitual thought biases to this fog causes it to cling tightly to the body & creates the landmines felt by everything around us. When we choose to move out of our heads & change our habitual biased tendencies, this will begin to shift the field toward a more neutral state & eliminate the landmines. Eliminating the landmines will cause this fog to begin to expand & clarify, in essence transforming it into more of a misty state that we & others can begin to see through. Everything around us will begin to feel the difference in our field & begin to respond differently toward us.