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Tracy Courtney

The Frequency of Flow

Why is it so important to reduce our thought processes when it comes to working with & understanding our pets & ourselves at a much deeper level? In my experience, this is a multi-layered answer, so we will try to touch on a few. One reason, as shown in the "Thought Curtain" video, is that our habitual thoughts distort & negate our awareness & connection to everything around us. We think we are aware & fully functional, but we are far from it as compared to animals & the rest of nature. In our conditioned existence, we are simply unaware of the more gross going's on around us & are even less capable of recognizing the more subtle indicators. Can the bridge we have to cross in order to understand our pet's behaviour better, have something to do with the fact that animals normally communicate through subtle body language?

The mind is also directly connected to the emotions. No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot balance our emotions without first balancing our habitual thought processes. In some professions such as Police Officers, we can learn to minimize physical emotional responses to thoughts while still experiencing unbalanced mental processes, but this can lead to more unbalanced mental & emotional instability that will eventually erupt like a volcano in one of several predictable ways. This parallels the example in the previous article of being really upset & having someone fit us with a straight jacket & tie us to a chair.

It is well documented that when we become emotionally unbalanced, we can't function optimally. We become clumsy (horses who trip regularly), we injure ourselves ( horses who are always finding ways to hurt themselves), we increasingly avoid situations that cause discomfort (crowds of people/barn sour, public functions/bolting back to the barn, jigging, being hot or fresh), forgetting important dates & feelings of depression. We can't focus or concentrate on what we're doing, we get easily distracted, feel a need to get away & have to quit what we're doing until we feel we're in a better frame of mind to continue productively. When we're emotionally elevated, we can't focus, learn or retain anything. The higher the amount of emotional discomfort, equates to a higher environmental avoidance being exhibited.

Science has proven that everything is energy, including our thoughts & that these have a direct impact, not only of our perceptions of the world but to our entire personal environment. If we really want to experience peace, harmony & flow in our lives, we are willing to explore & accept what our pets have to teach us about our own basic nature, we might be surprised at the level of disharmony we currently function with every day, that we're oblivious to.

In my personal experience, it's not just about reaching a level of calm, such as is often the focus of common meditation techniques. Many types of meditation didn't work for me personally & that's how I developed the technique of walking meditation. Even after reaching a quiet stillness for the average person, there are still deeply rooted anxieties & traumas ticking away in the background of the subconscious that we are not consciously aware of, that continue to affect everything we do. It's not just about quieting the mind, but also the absence of what we unknowingly carry along into this deceptive state of quiet stillness.

If we were to consider & experiment with what is experienced through the human exercises during Parameters, we can begin to experience this glimpse into a new type of deeper harmony & flow that allow for accessing the subconscious. Science has also substantiated that nature & animals function normally at a specific, measurable frequency range, that differs from the average human frequency range. When we are capable of feeling the energy flow of animals & nature in comparison to our own, is it possible that rewiring our own minds & balancing our emotions can align us with this frequency & totally change our current perceptions of life as we think we know it? We simply can't know what we don't know......yet!