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Tracy Courtney

Stealth Mode

I am always contemplating an infinite number of puzzle pieces at a time & looking not only for correlations, but experiential proof. This article is the result of a number of random personal experiences that have finally come together over a span of about 15 years. The hawk from the previous article, is the catalyst that helped bring this together.

While we're working & learning to let go of our habitual thoughts & emotions during shifting into neutral, moving beyond the mind & the habitual human tendencies, we will reach a transitional period that I will refer to as “Stealth Mode”. This can also be perceived as the dull quiet mentioned previously. The reason this is worth contemplating is because this state of awarenesses is a true neutral. To simplify; if we have a motionless pond, every thought we make produces a ripple that expands out from the centre of the pond. In stealth mode, there are no ripples created & if we remain completely motionless we are imperceptible on every level, not only by humans but by animals as well. When we make a mental notation of anything we perceive, we create a ripple that can be sensed in one of several ways by everything around us. Stealth Mode moves beyond the quiet mind & cessation of thoughts, it's an ability to look without linking.  

If we take some time to contemplate the average predator, such as a wolf or hawk, we can find some interesting correlations relating to levels of functioning through awareness. We can easily find video footage of predators moving through herds of prey species who barely react to their presence. We can also find video footage of the mere glance of a predator sending prey species running for their lives at high speed. Obviously, the prey are perfectly aware of the difference in hunting & non hunting predators. On the surface, both of these scenarios involve movement of some type as a general rule, but the prey can see & sense not only their presence but their intention.

There is a third scenario I'd like to bring to attention, which is predators who hide & wait to pounce on unsuspecting prey. A version of this type of awareness phenomenon was experienced for a lengthy period of time, which I couldn't quite put together until now. In true neutral, or stealth mode, we're mimicking the predator lying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting prey. This doesn't only apply to animals but to humans as well. This complete stillness, mentally, emotionally & physically, causes an uneasiness until a physical movement or a verbal offering are made to indicate our intentions. It will cause avoidance to some degree in those who are less confident & curiosity in those who are more confident, however it will cause initial momentary unease in everyone. In my experience, it will be perceived as strong confidence by the human predatory types such as narcissists, who are highly attracted to this state of empty awareness.

When we empty ourselves completely & learn how to carry this into our everyday activities, we essentially become invisible, almost ghostlike, on a sensory level. We are imperceptible to those around us other than our physical form. If it's not necessary to interact with others, they will barely notice our presence unless we make a physical movement or sound. But when we are in a work environment, for example, it can be a little unnerving to those who don't know us initially, until we begin to speak because people aren't sure what to make of someone like this. It's so unusual in the human world.

When we begin to speak & act normally, while remaining empty, a sense of calm will be sensed by those around us. They don't know why they feel this way, all they know is that they do and will often comment about the feeling. If we try to rely on our visual perceptions to try to gauge the intentions of someone in stealth mode, these observations will initially lead to a fearful reaction because we're so habituated to feeling negative & scrambled output from everyone around us.

Another common characteristic that has been frequently conveyed, is that we will naturally maintain a constant & direct eye contact without wavering & while this is accompanied by unusually limited physical movement, this can also be unnerving to some. Most humans & animals are always in motion & very few can be still unless asleep. An agitated mind is evident through physical expression, where a non-agitated mind is evident through stillness. During experimentation with stealth mode while being employed, it was noted that several particularly aggressive customers quickly reversed their demeanour & became very friendly. This was also partially due to giggling at their outbursts & taking the time to listen to them without retaliation or taking things personally. Many verbalised a sense of feeling comfortable & calm when being in this particular store & many frequently went blank & lost all of their thoughts. These are great personal indicators for those doing the work to reach this balance level awareness for themselves.

When functioning from stealth mode while being around other animals, we will also notice a dramatic shift in behavior in our presence. Countless clients have remarked how their pet immediately calmed & relaxed in my presence without having touched the animal. Clients will also state that normal displays of unwanted behavior reduce or disappear & they aren't as over-emotional as usual.

There have been a number of aggressive animals that have been passive with me & I wouldn't have been aware of the aggression had I not been told. However, not all aggressiveness has responded equally to stealth mode. There is still much to experience & understand on this spiral of learning & it's time to move down to the next level. Is this a special gift, reserved only for the fortunate few? I don't believe it is. Some will dismiss this & others will dissect it into little boxes for sale, but it is offered here for free to whoever is willing to put the personal work in for themselves. You don't even have to pay me, you just have to follow the article overviews & do your own work to have these understanding substantiated for yourself.