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Tracy Courtney

Silent Listening

Can we listen in silence? It's nearly impossible for most of us. Our mind's are always chattering about this & that when we're with others & even when we're alone. It has become such a habit that we find it very difficult if not impossible to turn this chatter off. Can we remember a time when we didn't have this endless chattering? Can we remember our very first memory as children? If we can sift through the accumulated baggage & really analyze this first memory, what we will find is how quiet we were in everything we did. Life was about curiosity, play & exploration, through a balanced & quiet innocence.

We didn't worry about the past, the future, hidden meanings behind words, strong beliefs about right or wrong, good or bad, how things should be done, what works or what doesn't. In this quiet innocence we didn't have judgements, comparisons, complaints, blame, impatience or anger toward others. We accepted everything as it was, without any effort in that acceptance in that moment, & looked at every experience with a happy anticipation of what it was about to reveal. In a previous article, it was mentioned that we begin listening with our eyes, but what if we could achieve an even deeper listening & communication without our eyes? 

For those who have experienced the exercise in expanded awareness during Parameters, when we were given a glimpse into the world of animal existence, we can now begin to explore some of these deeper concepts of understanding. During Parameters, we experienced how the power of silence in combination with placing the responsibility of the relationship onto our pet can eliminate all of the unwanted behaviour our pet initially entered with, & shift their focus from the environment to us. This was accomplished through visual listening & becoming quiet in ourselves.

Now let's begin to dissect the glimpse we experienced into expanded awareness & how different this was from the normal human world of contracted awareness. This is where many of the previous articles will begin to come together, make sense & take on whole new meanings for you.

During this glimpse, the first thing brought to attention was how the mind automatically jumps into fifth gear/overdrive with normal visual (scanning) observation. The second experience was the expansion of our awareness & how differently our normal visual (panning) observation changed. There was no possible idea of how just how contracted & limited our normal awareness really is prior to the introduction to this exercise.

Moving beyond the normal initial experiences of expanded awareness, there are some things I would like us to look deeper into & analyze, that might not have been apparent at the time. With the expansion of our awareness, did we notice how quiet we were mentally, emotionally & physically? There was none of the normal noise in the form of mind chatter & as a result, we were also quiet emotionally & physically. These are some of the things we must begin to recognize as we continue to experiment with our new ability to expand our awareness.

Because there was a lack of the normal mind chatter, there was none of the normal habits of comparisons, judgements, complaints, blame, impatience or unbalanced emotions in the form of frustration or anger. There was no sense of right or wrong, good or bad & no sense of personal belief systems. During expanded awareness, did we notice that we returned to exploring what was happening through a sense of our first childhood memory, where there was an innocent curiosity & anticipation of what was to come?

Beyond this, I wonder if we realized that there was no sense of the existence of time? Like time stopped or didn't exist, as when we get into a creative zone when doing something we are passionate about. There was just us, fully present in that moment & experiencing life as it was, as animals always do. Unless we choose to spend time returning to this expanded awareness & deeply analyzing our experiences, I wonder if we realized that what was also happening, is that we were aware of absolutely everything around us through all of our senses being heightened & were feeling things more than they were being heard or seen? Did we notice that our sight didn't play a role in this expanded awareness initially? This was because our vision was adjusting to a new way of seeing.

This glimpse offered into the world of animal existence, is what I have termed "naked awareness" & this is the normal way of being for animals. Those of you who have glimpsed this existence are now capable of understanding where all of the previous articles were leading & how humans normally exist, is the opposite experience of the animal world. If we're willing to take the time to understand & change our normal habits & thought processes, there is a whole new door of understanding available to us.

Those who choose to step through this door, are on a brand new road of exciting discoveries of not only learning more about their pets, but much more about themselves. And for those willing to continue with their explorations, once we become familiar & comfortable with silent listening, other brand new doors will begin to open for you that you aren't aware of yet...