Wherever the mental and emotional focus is directed, the physical responses will follow, like a game of Simon says. We must be very aware and clear in our mind about where the focus of our thoughts lay and the true motivation behind them. When our thoughts are focused on our horse, our actions will automatically be directed toward our horse. In the example of using our rope to protect our personal space, wwe will begin by swinging our rope toward our horse and try to hit them to make a point. This is perceived as unprovoked aggression by your horse and it is out of a sense of control. Our focus needs to shift to our personal space instead of our horse to create true connection, communication and open the door for patient discussion.

Horses don't understand time limits or having to rush to achieve goals. They live in the moment. They don't worry about the past or project about what the future may hold. Horses experience life minute by minute and react as necessary to what shows up. When the moment has passed, they forget about it to be able to fully experience what each new moment presents. This way of being allows space for things to be presented and experienced but not held onto to create cluttering of the mind and senses.

Humans live predominantly in the past and looking toward the future. We have been conditioned since childhood to act quickly, precisely and impatiently. We impose these same rules on our horses. When we were given assignments in school or asked to clean our rooms, there was always a sense of urgency to complete tasks. This conditioning has become so normal, that we never consider to question our motivations, beliefs or actions. It's just the way it is and has always been - natural. But is it?

Much of the time in life, we have developed a sense of being someone and going somewhere. We have a definite dream or vision of what we want to achieve in life because everyone does it and our schools and families expect it of us. Our conditioning contributes to our sense of who we are, our values and beliefs.

Many methods will tell you that you have to climb a certain number of stairs or complete a series of tasks. There is only a gift or reward at the end of some striving and then you've done it. This is appealing to different types of personalities because it seems consistent with the rest of life as we've known it. The conditioned mind/ego likes the evolutionary path and it feels totally natural because in every other aspect of life, we evolve, become better and more skilled.

When we don't know the answers, there's space for discovery. When there's a sense that we know, we tend to hold on to these things as truth, which doesn't allow for expansion of new discoveries. We don't focus on or bring attention to things that don't matter or happen naturally. We don't say to people, "look I'm breathing!" We don't speak of the things that are natural to us. If there's an awareness of notation of something, then the mind is corresponding to it, and there's a sense that this thing matters. We embrace these ideas of who we are and what we know but if we begin to be quiet and observe, at certain stages, we have felt very different about who we are and the beliefs we've had. We cannot be rigid with any thoughts or beliefs because they are only self-portraits of the moment.

Anger and frustration are caused by a need to always be in control. We must deconstruct somewhat in order to open space and allow the undoing of what we think we know. Most of the trouble stems from mistrust, the fear of not knowing and controlling what's going to happen. A truth cannot be merely a theoretical finding. You can't fall apart. All that can fall apart is the ideas and beliefs you have identified with and linked to. All that you believe and are attracted to are just biased perceptions. In one moment it may feel strong like an undeniable fact, but in a short while, you may not be able to remember it. FEARLESS will bring you into harmony with horses beyond intellectual knowledge or conviction. What you're searching for has been hidden here all along. These steps were created to help you recognize that which in itself is not a practice. It's a new way of thinking and life.