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Tracy Courtney

Focused Listening

It's easy for people to tell us to let go & quiet our mind's, but where do we start? How do we learn to navigate unknown territory by ourselves? To find the courage, confidence & support we need from our own previously unexplored abilities & implement the helpful guidance from our pets?

With the awareness expansion exercise, the door is opened & can only be closed through lack of practice. It doesn't require multiple personal sessions but it does require a commitment on our part to continue to practice & analyze our experiences. The answers come through the analysis & subsequent lightbulbs they create. There is often a fear association with letting go & many feel there's nothing there but an empty space, but this is quite to the contrary. Once we begin to recognize what's not there, only then can what's really there begin to bring forward new understandings & perceptions.

We have to make a choice to continue to work through the discomfort of change on our own, or return to our habitual limited experiences. The only question that remains after Parameters, is if we're willing to have the courage & determination not to give up. Parameters revolves around learning to let go & shifting the minds into neutral. The next step is to develop your brand new language, through listening & discussion, which is shifting the minds into reverse.

This glimpse into nature is an experiential & undeniable proof of what is also our own nature, which has been buried under societal conditioning. Being such a dramatic difference from what we've become accustomed to, it can seem quite foreign initially & this is where the dedication & commitment are required. As mentioned in previous articles, an established habit does not have a delete key, it must be replaced with a new habit, for our pets & for ourselves. 

The most difficult thing is for us to focus on & analyze ourselves, so this is where our pets are waiting to step in & provide the guidance we need, if we're willing to become quiet in order to listen effectively. As shown in the "Thought Curtain" video, we will never have the ability to listen at a deeper level with our habitual mental, emotional & physical noise conditioning.

We can facilitate the process & bypass much of our habitual thoughts & behaviour by beginning to practice focused listening between the expanded awareness exercise. This is where we begin to practice "walking meditation", to carry these new understandings into everything we do. We also have a natural tendency to feel more skeptical, confrontational & dismissive with human generated information, our pets help us bypass these habitual tendencies.

In the beginning, the mind will easily drift & carry us away, but if we're prepared for this & understand it, the transition will be much smoother for all involved. There will always be a temptation to become frustrated & annoyed with ourselves for taking one step forward & two steps back, but this allows the mind to drift off again. It's important to just recognize what's happening & continue on as though it never happened. This recognition is a gift that our pets will help us understand in order to help us succeed. Allowing the mind to drift unchecked will not allow us to listen or understand our pet's teachings.

It has been mentioned that we're learning to develop a brand new language through connection & discussion. This is a transitional language to bridge the gap between what we already know & the Third Language. Our pets already have all of the answers, they're just waiting for us to ask the right questions. To move forward & listen, we must make a choice to let go of everything we think we know & make space for something new. This is where falling back into habitual cookie-cutter routines will stop all progress because this involves a dictative & closed mindset, rather than an open & inquisitive mindset. 

The problem is not our pets, the problem isn't anything in the past or external stimuli, because we don't realize that the question is really the stimuli. Listen to the answers given within 5 seconds & beware of mind drift - thinking too long/hard about the next question or anticipating what the response will be. Listen only to the answer given directly to the question & let the rest go. With the excessive mental activity, we're drinking water from a fire hose instead of a garden hose, & creating more difficulties than are necessary for ourselves & our pets.