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Tracy Courtney

Dynamic Playback

When something is approached & regarded as something new that has to be learned, it is often automatically coupled with biases of dread, confusion & feelings of avoidance. This is also programming from our educational system because we learned to adopt these “blocks” in the way we were forced to retain & regurgitate information. If it were said to some, that “I want you to begin playing back all interactions with your horse” like a movie in your head, many would think “ugh, something new to learn”. What we don’t realize is that we play back interactions in our mind constantly & it’s so habitual that we don’t even recognize it for what it is.

When we are faced with what we perceive to be an unhappy or upsetting situation, the subconscious programming will take over & replay the scenario & words over & over, taking over control of our thoughts & emotions. Many can't function properly in this state. These are always sources of negativity and upsets which result in further upset, sorrow & in some cases paralysis, like depression. What if we could turn the tables & use this tool we already have as a benefit instead? What if we could call on it, to help us learn & understand at a much deeper & quicker rate, when we choose to use it instead of when it chooses to use us?

With practice, we will be able to take control of the remote & watch the movie in our minds eye just as vividly as when we watch it on a screen. We would be able to rewind, fast forward, pause & even play events in slo-mo, to be able to see the minute details we weren’t aware of at the time. Practicing how to use this tool in a constructive & productive way can also allow us to begin to recognize when we’re shifting into autopilot, so the necessary changes can be made with less effort.

We are accustomed to watching movies through external sources, but we can eliminate the need for these recording devices & replace them with the device we already have installed in our head. This is one of many tremendous untapped resources that we don’t even know we have because we’re so used to just letting it take us over & run our lives. This is why I always encourage people to visualize what they’re going to do, how they’re going to do it & how they’re going to respond to the possible reactions of their horse, before they ever do anything. We can become so good at using this dynamic playback in our heads, that we can actually begin to use it to solve problems before they even start. This gives us the ability to clarify how & what to do if things go sideways, so we’re always prepared without having to stop for additional thought processes during the moment. It also eliminates the void of feeling a loss of control over what’s happening, eliminating the associated fear & allowing the subconscious programming to rush forward & take over.

With practice, this will morph into an ability for the movie to speed up into a permanent fast forward mode on its own, without effort on our part, that will enable us to grasp larger amounts of information in half the time, without needing to take time to dissect & understand it through normal intellectual processes. It’s the equivalent of a feeling of learning through osmosis. It’s an instantaneous comprehension & understanding of details that we won’t have time to recognize in the moment but will be understood & utilized by the new conscious programmed habits.