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Tracy Courtney

Developing & Working from Zero Point

I use the words Zero Point, only to facilitate a comparative understanding...

Through the FEARLESS PROCESS, we are learning to develop & work through a completely different part of the brain. An area that many are unaware even exists, let alone having any concept of how to begin to access & develop it. There are many hidden treasures in this largely unexplored section of the brain & because there is no general concept or relatively little information about it, it can be very unsettling for some who begin to experience these new processes for themselves. The "Thought Curtain" video offers a great resource for connection to this article. Paula offers a perfect description of regularly using this other part of the brain. (This is only the first of the 3 human exercises)

Many will habitually gravitate to an immediate conclusion of fear & avoidance, but we must begin to recognize the societal programming behind these habitual tendencies. Others will quickly begin to search the memory banks for anything remotely similar in an attempt to grasp at associations & similarities for comparison. This is normal when trying to understand something new. The habitual mind always wants to grasp & hold onto what it knows & is reluctant to let go of this inherent, false sense of control, which is where the fear will inevitably creep in & take over. We must be willing to let go & explore at a comfortable pace if we want to cross this bridge.

We are learning to move beyond the conditioned & habitual part of the brain from a place of control, to a place of acceptance & this is where the Third Language is found. Where the answers to how groups of animals can move in perfect unison at fast speeds is found & so much more. We are accustomed to acquiring & accumulating information in a white-knuckle grip that is responsible for so much personal conflict, external conflict, stress, anxiety, illness & disease.

Our education system has conditioned us to believe in a direct question & answer scenario, with detailed descriptions, explanations & anything outside of this is "not normal" or "taboo", however the Third Language does not function in this way. The Third Language is an internal guidance system that is only available from zero point & it does not function in a direct question & answer format. It takes time & practice to get used to a completely different way of exchanging information. This is where allowing our horses & dogs to become our teacher, facilitates & helps simplify the process for us. Animals already function normally from zero point & they are quite willing to help us adapt & meet them on common ground.

There is frequent mention of the 3 short exercises that have been developed (or shared from zero point) for humans, for those who work personally with me. These exercises are experiential proof of the habitual mind's limitations, beginning to connect with, explore this forgotten zero point space & how it is the opposite of how humans normally exist.  As also mentioned in previous articles, zero point is a glimpse into the real nature of our horses & dogs, nature itself & our own original nature that has not only been forgotten, but covered up & hidden through societal conditioning. We are learning to understand how the conditioned mind effectively controls our lives, where learning to function through zero point can eliminate all stresses, anxieties, traumas & flip the intellect to work for us instead of against us.

For those who are ready to take a long, hard look at ourselves & explore this old, new territory, are also willing to begin to explore our own habits & belief systems & are willing to let go of what we think we know, there are many exciting new adventures waiting & I haven't found a bottom to this rabbit hole yet!

 Although most will scoff & laugh at the following information, it will be proven at some later date. Society has come to view such statements as visionary, have placed people on a pedestal for their ability to "predict the future", however, this is not a special gift reserved for the fortunate few. This is just one of countless seemingly miraculous abilities, that every single one of us are capable of achieving!

For those who follow the articles on the website, I will offer one of many secrets for those who are dedicated to exploring & living these truths.... when we are in alignment with zero point, we access the ability to completely change physics. As our alignment grows stronger, we will not notice the slow changes happening around us initially. Eventually, we will begin to recognize that mechanical things, for example, will begin to function & last much longer than they normally should have. Where as, when the alignment is out of balance in the beginning, we will unintentionally kill electronics & drain batteries at a much faster rate than normal. This is one of many normal parts of the process of alignment.