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Tracy Courtney

Child Safety & Control Program

This program involves a combination of ground work & riding, focusing on learning to read, understand & solve problems safely on the ground & in the saddle. How to read & understand horse behaviour, causes & effective solutions through all aspects of handling equines; leading, grooming, standing in cross ties, tacking, mounting, feeding, etc. Team & confidence building by becoming self-sufficient in all aspects of working with equines, learning how to understand & work safely through worries & fears of the equines & riders. We also focus on both the rider & equine learning to work together as a team, build into a natural flow, mentally, emotionally & physically & progress into liberty & bridless riding for those looking to move beyond the basics

You must be willing to provide the equines & facility, I will provide the program & any preliminary assistance required by the horses/pony's so all have an opportunity to benefit from the program. This collaboration will result in you ending up with balanced & relaxed equines