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Tracy Courtney


Parameters with Duke

Rehabilitating Mischa for a Local Rescue

This video was taken over a 5 week period


Parameters is an opportunity to give back to our dogs for all they give to us. Parameters is a reset button & a therapy session, that allows for the complete release of stress, anxiety & worries. Parameters is the first foundational step in the Fearless Process that teaches how to build on this initial therapy session & learn how to carry it into everything we do moving forward. During this single workshop, we can literally delete all of the unwanted behaviour your dog arrived with, without having to address the behaviours directly or individually. Your dog will focus all of their attention on you & offer to heel without ever being taught, among other things.

By moving beyond the physical attributes of behaviour & going directly to the mind, we can create total relaxation mentally, emotionally & physically through 5 simple steps. The foundation & of understanding & changing the roots of behaviour begin with Connection. This lack of Connection is responsible for all behaviour extensions, like the branches & leaves of a tree. You will learn how to create The Magnetic Connection by easily shifting your dog's focus from the environment to you, while allowing your dog to express what they're thinking & how they're feeling, in order to release the unbalanced emotions in a safe & confidence building way for both of you.

There are also 3 human exercises created just for you. These prove through personal experience, how our normal habits interfere with our ability to connect, listen & have discussions with our dog, how our normal awareness is contracted & limited which limits our perceptions, we get to experience a glimpse into how dogs naturally exist & how different this is to how we normally function in the world.

All that is required for this workshop is a buckle collar of any material & an average leash. The Zero Shock leashes are recommended because some dogs can jerk on the leash quite hard in the beginning & I've had dogs pull my shoulder out of joint.

Time varies for # of participants & comprehension