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Tracy Courtney

They always seem to pass me by,

I never knew the reason why.

All my friends had found a home,

And only I remained alone.

But finally someone came,

And spoke to me with gentle tone.

I hardly dared believe it true,

Into my human's arms I flew.

Our first embrace - my heart beat fast,

A family of my own at last!

And when tonight I rest my head,

In my new warm & cozy bed.

A prayer I'll send, high up above,

May all the shelter pups find love.

Assistance Programs

Education is the key to breaking the cycle, not pity, anger or blame. Let's break the cycle by giving the human the help that they need through our time, education & financial assistance instead of removal from the home wherever possible. Humans don't give up the pets they have a strong understanding of & connection with. They part with the things they can't connect with or understand. Let's all help the human find their way, so they can in turn help the dog find their way & finally recognize the temporarily hidden connection in each other

Mission Statement

Having been one of many individuals who has always desperately wanted to understand why our horses & dogs do what they do & never being in a position to pay someone else for instruction, I have created a assistance programs to help others like me. The programs are based on donations for educational & financial assistance & not a set fee, to enable every single person who is willing to learn, an opportunity to participate. Nobody will ever be turned away, if they genuinely want to learn. There is no donation too big or too small & donations aren't limited to monetary restrictions. The donations collected will be used to assist the community & local rescues in need & help to expand into more educational programs

How it works: in cooperation with individuals who are willing to offer a safe, enclosed space for instruction with horses & dogs, I will donate my time & expertise to teach about understanding canine & equine behaviour. We appreciate anyone who is willing to come forward & donate space for these workshops, that will focus on deeper understandings & permanent solutions for solving unwanted behaviour. As a major contributor of the space for the opportunity to help others in need, you will create the name for the new assistance program to benefit your local community & partner with me in allocating the donations where they are most needed

The John John Fund - Forrest Pet Foods in Caledonia, ON

Workshops are Tuesday's & Saturday's from 6pm to 8pm - outside & weather permitting