Are You Ready?

Change is difficult but necessary to move beyond the ordinary...

The FEARLESS series is changing the old paradigm of how we look at horses by learning how to communicate through the natural language of non-verbal sensory awareness.

When you believe that certain things have to exist or occur in sequence for other things to function correctly, you are trapped and cannot move forward. You alone are choosing to indulge in thoughts, activities and habits that give you a false sense that these things are needed for other things to work or be ok.

We do not need to overcome things that hold no importance or significance for us. How quickly you develop this new process of thinking depends on the rigidity of the walls of belief you've created and your willingness to let go. You are not here to create anything new, but to uncover what's been hidden here all along.

Through learning how to listen and have discussions, your horse will expose aspects of you that you were previously unaware of. Are you ready to face the uncomfortable change of becoming the best you that you can be?

"The more you know, the less you understand" - Tracy Courtney

Knowledge is the pursuit of structure, rules and boundaries.

Understanding is the pursuit of questioning, listening and feeling.