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Tracy Courtney

Developing a new language with Horses

When you speak; your horse is silent, when you are silent; your horse speaks

I have dedicated my life to the personal observation & study of the horse/human relationship & the intricate inner workings of the equine mind. I am here to help you change the perceptions of everything you thought you knew. These revolutionary new techniques centre around Emotional Balancing, redirection without correction, being in the moment with your horse & the magnetic connection, which will eliminate the need for common methods that are deemed vital & necessary to work with horses.

The FEARLESS process is a role reversal, where horses become the teachers & humans learn to allow the process of becoming the students. All that is required is an open mind that's willing to observe & analyze our own roles in the relationship. By slowing down & becoming quiet to deeply see the details of first ours & then our horse's body language, we can begin to understand what our horse is thinking & feeling in every moment which will open the door to the third language, creating a magnetic connection & a balanced flow of communication. We will begin to see through the first part of the FEARLESS process; PARAMETERS, why it's not necessary to address behaviour individually or directly & how we've been conditioned to unintentionally teach our horses to become mentally, emotionally, physically scattered & disconnected. 

Why is this process named FEARLESS? Because fear stems from change & the unknown. People fear what they don't understand, when they don't know what's going to happen & relinquishing control of what's going on around them. FEARLESS addresses the root causes of these fears by showing how to become proficient in not only understanding what's happening in every moment but how to know what's going to happen, so preventative measures can be taken to fix problems before they even start. This eliminates the fear of the unknown for both horse & human, when we are able to assess & address each situation in each moment.

We must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts our beliefs and admit that we may be wrong. 

Intelligence isn't knowing everything. It's the ability to challenge everything we know

It's time to change the old paradigm of how we view horses & begin to communicate through the natural language of horses based on Bell Mare guidance, not stallion control & domination. This will enable us to have practical conversations with our horses. We will no longer have to rely on (mis)information from external sources. We will now be able to have discussions with our own horses, to understand the root cause of all unwanted behaviour, how to work together as a team to create lasting solutions & how to allow our horse to lead the discussion so we can ask the right questions. 

This process is the opposite of everything we've been taught about horses, eliminating all doctrines & steps to be memorized & practiced in sequence, designated training areas, lunging, round penning, addressing behaviour directly & creating blocks of time. This is because the information hasn't been handed down from books, videos or other humans and modified over time. It has come directly from my herd of Mustangs & the countless other horses & people that I have had the privilege of working with over the years & have taken the time to listen to...

"We are always trying to put bandaids on outcomes instead of addressing the root causes of input, that create the outcomes"

- Tracy Courtney

"Parameters is the master key

that opens all doors"


As a result of not having enough time for my own facility & horses, the decision was made to offer a mobile service only. You are required to provide the space & equipment necessary for the topics of interest. We can work anywhere & under any circumstance, including travelling to parks, shows or wherever needed. I recommend everyone start with the Fearless foundation, but in-depth sessions are offered for any interest. We will always create personal sessions that cater to your questions & needs in the moment

Note:  If you're expecting the same old cookie-cutter routines of making your horse do this & that, you need to move on to someone who is willing to teach outdated methods. If you're looking for something you've never seen or heard of before, then you're in the right place



FEARLESS doesn't give you 

a key, it removes the door

This process is about helping both you & your horse understand, reprogram & balance mentally, emotionally & physically. It involves a lot of introspection. If you're not willing to explore your own current thoughts, beliefs & actions, nothing will change.

With the help of your horse, you will learn to quiet your mind & live in the moment, as horses do. How to allow your horse to lead the conversation so you can ask the right questions, to understand the single root cause of all unwanted behaviour & how to apply a simple formula that will solve any problem. This includes behaviours previously considered to be irreversible or dependant on gadget & drug therapy, like weaving, cribbing, wind-sucking, true aggression & self-mutilation

As you're beginning the process of allowing your horse to become the only teacher you'll ever need, your horse will begin to expose previously unknown aspects of your own thoughts, emotions & physical behaviour. You will learn to understand the finer details of how your horse has been mirroring you all along

What's New?



Each & every pet is given the best love & the best care as per only your specific instructions. Peace of mind with a reliable, experienced professional

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2.  Free Parameter Demo

We are offering free introductory Parameters demos in exchange for allowing full video coverage

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3. Instruction & Fees

I never arrive with a predetermined plan because I work in the moment with you & your horse. We will always begin with explanations of the root causes of your current situation & then show you in real time, the solutions to these miscommunications

- Travel fee for distances over 40 km are rated at $.55 per km

- 1 hour personal sessions are 

$100 per hour

- 2 or more hour sessions are

$80 per hour

New Keys


.Mastery Series

Our Mastery series is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, that gives you the foundation of our brand new concepts & tools, that won't only show you how to solve all problems, but how to prevent them from happening altogether. Our revolutionary new Emotional Balancing techniques will provide in-depth understanding of the human/horse relationship & delve deep into the inner workings of the human & equine mind

* Parameters - Connect

* Ground Rules 1 - Communicate

* Ground Rules 2 - Problem Solve

* Physical Hypersensitivity - Feel

* Variate - Understand

* PIE/PID - Listen & Hear

* Saddle 1 - Mental Connection

* Saddle 2 - Physical Connection

* Saddle 3 - Problem Solving

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